ICCSE 2016 | Taipei, Taiwan

ICCSE 2016 was successfully held in Taipei, Taiwan during November 12-14, 2016.

2016 Best Presentation Winners

Academic Visit

2016 Best Presentations:

Session 1: E0023
The Novel Potential Therapeutic Target for Liver Fibrosis - Intracellular Oxidative Stress Sensor
Jing Liu and Pingsheng Chen
Southeast University, China
Session 2: E0019
Development of a swordsmanship machine enabling the inner and outer muscles to be safely trained while having fun
Kiyoshi Hoshino and Chuanhan Cheng
University of Tsukuba, Japan
Session 3: C0008
Polymer Supported Schiff base Iron Complex for Epoxidation of trans-Stilbene
N. Natha, H. C. Pradhanb, Tungabidya Maharana and A. K. Sutar
National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India