ICCSE 2015 | Jinju, South Korea

ICCSE 2015 was successfully held in Jinju, South Korea during November 9-10, 2015.

2015 Best Presentation Winners

One-day Visit

2015 Best Presentations:

Session 1: Z0010
Analysis of Temperature in the Windowless Pig House by using UTC
Byeong Eun, Moon, Jong Goo, Kim, Young Sun, Ryou and Hyeon Tae Kim
Gyeongsang National University (Institute of Agriculture & Life Science), Korea
Session 2: S0005
Dynamics of Hydrological Regime in Permafrost Zone of Central Siberia
Tamara Burenina, Alexander Onuchin, Georg Guggenberger, Anastasia Musokhranova, and Dmitri Prisov
V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Siberian Branch of the Russian, Russia
Session 3: Z0001
A Simple Bacteriophage-based Detection Kit for Detecting Escherichia coli on Post-harvest Agricultural Product
Febrian E S Iriyanto, Wahyu C. Yuliasari, Arie Rahmawati, Muhammad Sholehuddin, Angga A. Ramadhan, Hardian S. Addy
University of Jember, Indonesia