Best Presentations

2017 6th International Conference on Chemical Science and Engineering
(ICCSE 2017) , Philadelphia, USA, 21-23 October, 2017


The Preparation and Characteristics of Waterborne Polyurethane/Chitosan/Curcumin Blend Coating
Jui-Han Yang, An-Chong Chao and Jan-Yen Lee
National United University, Taiwan, R.O.C.



Photodegradation of 17α-Ethynylestradiol (EE2) in the Presence of Humic Acid and Carbonate Ions in Water Solutions
Faten Albalawi and Yuegang Zuo
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the United States



Evaluation of Tyrosinase Inhibition, Antioxidant and Moisture Retention Activities of the Pracparatum Mungo
Tzu-Chin Chang, Jan-Yen Lee, Min-Yun Chang, Chien-Min Weng and Shu-Ling Huang
National United University, Taiwan, R.O.C.



Thermodynamic and Exergy Analysis of the Alternative Refrigerants for Automative AC System
Ahmet Tahir Kalkisim and Kadir Bilen
Gumushane University, Turkey


2016 5th International Conference on Chemical Science and Engineering
(ICCSE 2016) , Taipei, Taiwan, 12-14 November, 2016

Session 1: E0023

The Novel Potential Therapeutic Target for Liver Fibrosis - Intracellular Oxidative Stress Sensor
Jing Liu and Pingsheng Chen
Southeast University, China

Session 2: E0019

Development of a swordsmanship machine enabling the inner and outer muscles to be safely trained while having fun
Kiyoshi Hoshino and Chuanhan Cheng
University of Tsukuba, Japan

Session 3: C0008

Polymer Supported Schiff base Iron Complex for Epoxidation of trans-Stilbene
N. Natha, H. C. Pradhanb, Tungabidya Maharana and A. K. Sutar
National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India


2015 4th International Conference on Chemical Science and Engineering
(ICCSE 2015) , Jinju, South Korea, 9-10 November, 2015

Session 1: Z0010
Analysis of Temperature in the Windowless Pig House by using UTC

Byeong Eun, Moon, Jong Goo, Kim, Young Sun, Ryou and Hyeon Tae Kim

Gyeongsang National University (Institute of Agriculture & Life Science), Korea

Session 2: S0005

Dynamics of Hydrological Regime in Permafrost Zone of Central Siberia

Tamara Burenina, Alexander Onuchin, Georg Guggenberger, Anastasia Musokhranova, and Dmitri Prisov

V. N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Siberian Branch of the Russian, Russia

Session 3: Z0001
A Simple Bacteriophage-based Detection Kit for Detecting Escherichia coli on Post-harvest Agricultural Product

 Febrian E S Iriyanto, Wahyu C. Yuliasari, Arie Rahmawati, Muhammad Sholehuddin, Angga A. Ramadhan, Hardian S. Addy

 University of Jember, Indonesia



2014 3rd International Conference on Chemical Science and Engineering
(ICCSE 2014) , Phuket, Thaildand 27-28 December, 2014


Utilisation of Hydroelectricity for the Dry Reforming of Methane
Jean-Michel Lavoie
Université de Sherbrooke



Optimization of Succinic Acid Production from Crude Glycerol by Encapsulated Anaerobiospirillum succinicproducens Using Response Surface Methodology
Sasithorn Kongruang and Tawiwan Kangsadan
King Mongkut’s University of Technology



Theoretical Study on Current-Voltage Characteristics of Oxygen Reduction Reaction near Platinum Surfaces

Sawanya Suwannawong, Kentaro Doi, and Satoyuki Kawano

Osaka University, Japan



Inhibitory Effect of Silver Nanoparticles against Pathogenic Vibrio Anguillarum for the Treatment of Vibriosis

Roohi Fatima M., Dinesh S., and Sudhakaran R.

VIT University



The Effects Microorganisms on Ethanol Productivity from Sap Sugar Palm

Nurlaili Humaidah and Tri Widjaja

Sepuluh Nopember Institite of Technology, Indonesia



2013 2nd International Conference on Chemical Science and Engineering
 (ICCSE 2013), Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia, 29-30 December, 2013

Numerical Model to Predict Wax Crystal Size Distribution in Solvent Dewaxing Unit
Nassir D. Mokhlif, Hussain H. Al-Kayiem, Masri Bin Baharom

Effects of Natural Light Dilution on Microalgae Growth
Irina Harun, Liyana Yahya, Muhammad Nazry Chik, Nur Nadia Abdul Kadir, Mohd Asyraf Mohd Azmir Pang

Viscous-Gravity Spreading of Oil on Water: Modeling and Challenges
Rachid Chebbi

Culvert Effects on Stream and Stream-side Salamander Habitats
James T. Anderson, Ryan L. Ward, J. Todd Petty, J. Steven Kite, and Michael P. Strager

Five Y Cable and a Single GPRS Device Transmitted the Real Time Environmental Data from AAQMS
Siba P. Panda, Jay Rath, A. K. Swar, Sidhanta Das, and Ranjita Panda

Adjuvant Effect of Garlic Lectins (Asa I and Asa Ii) on Mucosal Immunity Induction Following Intranasal Immunization with Ovalbumin Antigen
Siddanakoppalu N Pramod and Yeldur P Venkatesh

Laying Performance of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) Supplemented with Zinc, Vitamin C and E Subjected to Long Term Heat Stress
Carmina L. Caurez and Cristina F. Olo

2012 International Conference on Chemical Science and Engineering
(ICCSE 2012), 22-23, December, 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A Parametric Study on the Synthesis of Graphene Using Piranha-like Thermal Exfoliation
Joanna Su Yuin Chia, Michelle T. T. Tan, Jit Kai Chin, Poi Sim Khiew and Hingwah Lee

Measurement of Bubble Point Pressures of Zirconium and Hafnium Tetrachloride Mixture for Zirconium Tetrachloride Purification Process
Le Quang Minh, YoungMi Jung, GyeongMin Kim and Moonyong Lee

Effect of Dosing Flow Rate of Simulated Flue Gas on Growth and Carbon Fixation Ability of Isochrysis sp.
Liyana Yahya, Muhammad Nazry Chik, Mohd Hariffin Boosroh

The Effect of Initial Butyric Acid Addition on ABE Fermentation by C.acetobutylicum NCIMB 619
Siti Jamilah Hanim Mohd Yusof, Mohd Sobri Takriff, Abdul Amir Hassan Kadhum, Abdul Wahab Mohammad and Jamaliah Jahim